2012 Photo Contest

Welcome to our second annual Photo Contest voting page! Please, REGISTER to be able to vote. You can vote on as many photos as you wish. But you only get to vote ONCE. Have fun!

The winner (plus second and third place) will be announced in our June e-newsletter. Voting ends on June 6th, 2012.

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33 Replies to “2012 Photo Contest”

  1. Belka just turned 1 year old today. She is an Alaskan Malamute. The picture was taking during her first snow shoeing trip with us. Thank you for all the votes for her. It’s wonderful to see how these dogs are part of our lives.

  2. Thanks so much for the owners whom let me shoot during our bike/scootering weekend!!! : )

    Briggs and I love this sport! And love being able to share with everyone else!!!!

    Again So much thanks!!!!! Please vote for Keifer, Drew, Elliot and my Boy Briggs! 🙂

  3. Aaliyah is my chicken noodle soup . She is sunshine on a cloudy day.   thank you Howling Dog for this chance to show off baby girl.

  4. To see more of Aaliyah in action with her long distance harness go to pinehavenchamber.org then click on to youtube then winter challenge wrap up 1 of 2 watch the video to see little miss blue eyes in action

  5. All these dogs are winners. Look who they have loving them enough to showcase them here! And look at these dogs. Amazing. And I vote Kairos because I love the guy- A guy who is here on the earth and beyond time is my kind of guy. Plus, did you see the face! GO KAIROS. love, auntie k

  6. All these dogs are winners! Just look at them all, amazing, adorable. And look who loves them! And I vote Kairos. I know the boy personally and he is all that! warm, engaging, wise and on the move! Any dog on the earth and beyond time is my kind of boy! You go Kairos. love, auntie k

  7. Oh..the dogs are adorable..but..I vote Kairos..the owner is a most special lady and makes the world better by her presence.

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