Meet our Second Annual Photo Contest winners!


YATA HAE ELLIOT COOL – submitted by Amy Hershberger, Salem, NY

Yata Hae Elliot Cool, now 13 months old, came to Amy this past fall at the age of four months. Amazingly attentive and focused from day one, he quickly became Amy’s partner and teammate while they played rally, and began learning foundations for canine disc, and agility. In the fall, Amy discovered Dog Scootering! Elliot was too young to really participate but he got to experience small tastes here and there over the winter and spring. He and the rest of the scootering crew got their Reflective Distance Harnesses from Howling Dog Alaska this spring. Amy and all the dogs love them and are all eagerly looking forward to putting them to continued use going forward!

Elliot Cool is a German Coolie. His coloring is called black merle, and he has a saddle pattern which is why he has so much tan. Despite the name, the breed actually originated in Australia. They were thought to have been favored by early German immigrants and that is where the name comes from. They are known as a hard working and versatile herding and farm dog. There are only three breeders of German Coolies in North America – one in the USA and two in Canada. Coolies excel at Search & Rescue, Agility, Dock Jumping, Disc, Herding, Flyball, Dog Powered Sports, and more! Their intelligence, energy, sure footedness, tenacity, and stamina make them terrific partners in any activity. More breed information here.

Elliot Cool lives with a 13 year old Aussie mix, a six year old Portuguese Water Dog, three Border Collies (ages seven, five, & two years old), and another German Coolie, who is just four months old. He also shares his home with three naughty kitties and four parrots!

He loves meeting new people and usually greets his friends by leaping up into the air and nibbling on their chins. Elliot Cool loves to play with his jolly ball, swim, run, and wrestle. At the end of the day, he likes to curl up on the bed with his person. He is a true joy and a beloved friend.


KAIROS – submitted by Andrea Chilcote, Cave Creek, AZ 

“Kairos” is one of two Greek words for time. Unlike “chronos,” or ordinary clock time, Kairos signifies a moment in time when something special happens. Our Siberian Husky pup, Kairos, showed up during one such special time. He came along unexpectedly as Andrea was grieving the recent loss of her beloved Husky friend and constant hiking companion, Amigo, who passed away last April. Sweet Kairos is now one year old, and he too enjoys daily hikes with Andrea and his many aunts (Andrea’s girlfriends) in our desert mountains, along with his big sister Whisper, a Malamute. He first donned a Howling Dog Distance Harness (size small) at three months, and, after having chewed his way out of a medium, now sports a size large. He wears a Standard Collar, and Andrea recently discovered the fun and ease of the Trekking Belt with Skijoring Line. Andrea says: “Wow, there’s no other way to hike a Husky! Thanks so much Howling Dog Alaska!”


KIEFER – submitted by Trisha Malfitano, Watertown, CT

Kiefer is a two year old Border Collie who Trisha adopted through New England Border Collie Rescue when he was ten weeks old.  Kiefer was born deaf but that doesn’t stop him. Kiefer just started scootering when he and Trisha attended a workshop in May. The picture is of him trying out his brand new Reflective Distance Harness that day. Kiefer has been helping his new sister, who is also deaf and partially blind, discover how much fun scootering can be. Kiefer is also the star of a children’s book called “My Dog Kiefer”. Kiefer visits schools and reads his book to the kids. He loves teaching people that being deaf doesn’t make him any different from other dogs. When he isn’t scootering or visiting schools one of his favorite things is to play in water sprinklers with his brother Phoenix and his sister Theresina.

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