Aliy Zirkle’s Testimony

We have used Howling Dog harnesses for over 10 years. After switching to the Distance Harness system, we have never looked back! We sincerely believe that our long distance mushing set up using system “Howling Dog Distance harnesses and no necklines” is overall safer and healthier for our team. This results in our dogs becoming injured less, tired less and can compete at a higher caliber. Our Huskies have no leash attached to their necks urging them to continue down the race trail, they have free will, and choose to continue down the trail in order to please their musher and please them self. We believe that our successful racing results over the past five years (Two Rivers 100/200 wins, Copper Basin 300 wins, Yukon Quest wins, Iditarod top placings) are indicative of healthier and happier dogs. That is what the sport of dog mushing should be about.

Ivana and the Howling Dog Alaska team has always worked with and communicated with our team about their products and new innovations. Over the years, the Distance Harness has improved with the fantastic reflective stitching, improved padding, and better webbing material. Ivana and her crew are pleasant folks and easy to deal with. We highly recommend Howling Dog Alaska products for your fastest racing dog or your cuddliest couch dog… Or perhaps they are the same dog! 🙂

Howling Dog Alaska Distance Harness – used and recommended by Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore!

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