Behind the scenes of Howling Dog Alaska

Have you ever wondered who is involved in our daily operations? Well, here we are!


Ivana is the Founder of Howling Dog Alaska and the main driving force behind the scenes. A big dog lover, she has been involved with sled dogs for the past 30 years. She has transitioned from a competitive sprint musher to a passionate business owner. Ivana spent most of her mushing career in Alaska and raced all over the world. Her kennel was one of the first kennels in the US to start breeding imported Scandinavian pointer crosses. Ivana coined the new name for this type of a dog – the Eurohound. Ivana’s extensive knowledge of everything related to sled dogs has transformed into designing top working dog gear. Ivana is now retired from racing and spends her free time pursuing her new passion – golf.  Read more.


Ami is our Customer Advisor – a knowledgeable and accomplished go-to person when needing advice regarding harness fitting & selection, supplement use and much more. Same as Ivana, Ami spent many years in Alaska learning from and racing against some of the best teams in the world.  Ami retired from mushing shortly after the 2013 IFSS Winter World Championships. where she may have been the happiest silver medalist on record. Ami now lives in Montana with four of her retired race dogs and one new, young addition. Ami will be happy to advise you on anything starting with hiking, skijoring and scootering, and ending with sledding.


Meet the geek behind the scenes of an online business! Chaim is a Simulation Specialist for the US Army. Although he holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago, Chaim is an autodidact when it comes to computers, programming, and electronics. He wrote his first computer game in BASIC on a Tandy Model I Level I and stored the program on a cassette tape. Amateur radio introduced him to electronics while the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi provided a medium to combine computing, programming, and electronics into one hobby. In his spare time, he likes to play PC games and occasionally develops his own. And of course, he loves dogs!


If you ever purchased Nutrazinc from us, Samile most likely had her hand in the cookie jar. Oh, excuse me, the zinc jar! 😉 You can call Samile our “Lab Technician”. She studies biology and is passionate about science. Samile, originally from Brazil, is an outstanding worker, always ready to lend a hand wherever needed. Plus all the animals at Howling Dog Alaska headquarters adore her! 🙂

Office supervisor & models

And last, but not least, we should introduce Alaska, the cat, the office supervisor. And then there are the dogs: Minnie (the matriarch), Dasher (Minnie’s son), and Aura (Dasher’s daughter) – three generations of Eurohounds, and the continuation of Ivana’s dog breeding legacy. All three dogs are an important part of our business. They are the main models on our website, and they are the “guinea pigs” and testers of our newly developed gear. But most importantly they are all spoiled members of our Howling Dog Alaska family. 

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