If you are just getting started in the sport of canicross, skijoring, or hiking, you might be having a difficult time deciding which one of our belts will best suit your needs. Below we summarized the differences between our Trekking Belt and our CaniSki belt. We highlighted why one might be better for you than the other. We hope you will find this side-by-side comparison helpful.


Trekking Belt closure (a snap-in buckle)
  • A simple, yet very sturdy “wrap around” belt.
  • There are no leg straps.
  • The belt is very easy to put on and to take off.
  • A single closure (a plastic clip) is utilized.
  • The belt is made out of heavy-duty foam.
  • The belt features substantial back support.
  • The preferred way of wearing the belt is around the waist. However, it can be worn comfortably around the hips too.
  • Attached to the belt are a bottle holder and a small zip-up pocket.
  • It is a fully adjustable, one-size-fits-all belt.
  • This belt has been designed for walking dogs hands-free.
  • It may be used as a starter belt for skijorers and canicrossers, and also as a belt for hiking (when not using a backpack).
  • This belt is strong enough to safely hold 2+ dogs.

TREKKING BELT details here.


CaniSki Belt closure (a metal slider)
  • This is a “step-in” belt featuring leg straps.
  • The leg straps and the waist strap must be properly adjusted before using the belt.
  • The leg straps are removable if desired.
  • The belt is made out of lightweight foam.
  • It is recommended to wear the belt around the hips. However, some people prefer to wear the belt above the hips.
  • The belt features a good-sized pocket.
  • It is a fully adjustable, one-size-fits-all belt.
  • We recommend this simple belt for advanced skijorers and canicrossers, and for everyone who prefers to utilize a lower pull force.
  • The belt can be used for hiking (in combination with a backpack).
  • It is not recommended to run more than two dogs with this belt.

CANISKI BELT details here.

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