On occasion, we come across desperate ZDR dog owners stating that after a while Nutrazinc stopped working/is not working for their dog. We understand that every dog is different – each dog’s ZRD condition is different – some milder, some more severe. However, the same guidelines should apply to all. There are a few reasons why you are not seeing results supplementing Nutrazinc. Below are the most common mistakes people make:

1.            The dose given to the dog is too low. Dogs in an acute ZRD flare-up need three to four times the recommended maintenance dose. This dose is based on the weight of the dog. Follow the directions on the Nutrazinc jar to calculate the correct dose for your dog.

2.            The diet your dog is on is not grain-free. Feeding kibble loaded with grains such as soy, wheat, and corn is a huge NO, as phytates in cereals and soy inhibit the absorption of zinc. No matter how much Nutrazinc you give, if you feed such dry food, you will not see an improvement in the condition of your dog. Switching the diet to a RAW diet or a high-quality grain-free kibble is a must.

3.            Your dog is getting too much calcium. If you feed your dog yogurt or goat’s milk (to supplement gut flora) or give your dog bones regularly, you won’t see the desired results while using Nutrazinc. Calcium in milk and bones inhibits absorption by binding with zinc ions.

4.            Nutrazinc is too old. People often make a mistake and purchase a jar of Nutrazinc that is too large for their needs. The Nutrazinc powder will oxidize in time and lose its potency. This happens when exposed to air while constantly closing and opening the jar. If you purchase the 32 oz jar of Nutrazinc (intended for large kennels), it will last a 50 lb. dog for 7 years, which is 4 years longer than the shelf-life of the product. After such a long period of time, Nutrazinc won’t work in the way it should. You will have to up the dose significantly. This is why we strongly recommend the smallest jar (the 8 oz. jar) for single dog owners. Unlike over-the-counter zinc supplements in pill form, Nutrazinc contains no additives, fillers, or stabilizers in the product. The product is zinc gluconate in its purest form, readily bioavailable for absorption in the dog’s gut.


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