The truth about COOLING VESTS

Cooling Vests

There is a new trend out there: COOLING VESTS (COOLING JACKETS). These are the reasons Howling Dog Alaska does not offer them:

  1. We offer proven and functioning equipment only.
  2. In our opinion cooling vests are just a sales gimmick.
  3. The effect of a cooling vest is minimal and short-lived.
  4. You can put any dog coat on, soak it and call it a cooling jacket.
  5. A cooling vest/cooling jacket won’t cool the dog off in a long run. Quite the opposite.
  6. The material (even if wet) will warm up to the dog’s body temperature quickly.
  7. The temperature under the fabric will rise drastically.
  8. Putting a dog jacket on – even if it is called a “cooling” jacket (or any layer of fabric) during warm part of the year will eventually make the dog hotter.
  9. We feel that “cooling” jackets/”cooling” vests are not beneficial for a dog. Just soak the dog’s fur or let him jump in the water to cool off!

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