Team HOWLING DOG 2015 – 2016 season

Jeff2014JEFF KING  (Alaska) – long distance

We are honored to have been working with Jeff, the KING, for many years now.  Jeff, a four time Iditarod Sled Dog Race Champion, is not only a world class musher, but what matters the most is that he ALWAYS puts the safety of his dogs first. Jeff is also known for his creativity and willingness to experiment. He has started many trends in mushing – beginning with the use of short harnesses and running without necklines to redesigning the long distance dog sled and much more. Howling Dog is very proud of the long relationship we have had with Jeff. Follow and cheer for Jeff during the 2016 Iditarod Sled Dog race! Visit his kennel located just outside of Denali National Park in the summer.

Visit Jeff’s web site: Husky Homestead

Jeff’s harness of choice is our Hybrid Light Weight Harness.



Aliy&Allen2015ALLEN MOORE & ALIY ZIRKLE (Alaska) – long distance

Allen and Aliy are an accomplished husband and wife team. Allen, a Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race champion and Aliy, an Iditarod Sled Dog Race runner up, have a huge fan following. It has to do not only with their performance but also with their approach to mushing – including exceptional dog care. Aliy and Allen own a relatively small kennel in Two Rivers (Alaska) and pretty much every dog gets to race. Having such high race success with a small kennel is a big accomplishment. We are very proud to have Allen and Aliy representing Howling Dog!

Follow and cheer for Allen and his Black Team during his adventures in the 2016 Yukon Quest and follow and root for Aliy and her Red Team during her running the 2016 Iditarod: The SP Kennel Dog Log

Our Distance Harness has been the harness of choice for Allen and Aliy for many years now.



Heidi2015HEIDI SUTTER (Alaska) – long distance

Heidi, a lively and fun girl from Chistochina, Alaska, joined Team Howling Dog last season and immediately made us proud by finishing her first ever Iditarod Sled Dog Race! Heidi is a special education teacher and if she is not busy with her dogs, she is devoting her life to children. Heidi specializes in working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders as well as emotional disturbance. Even though Heidi’s work load won’t allow her to take the time off to run any of the big long distance races this winter, she will be entering a couple of middle distance races, including the Copper Basin 300. Look for Heidi’s name in race results and cheer for the canine athletes from her KMA Kennel.

Do you need a nice coffee mug? How about a new hoodie? View KMA Kennel Merchandise.

Heidi’s harness of choice is our Light Weight Harness.



Melissa&JasonMELISSA & JASON STEWART (Alaska) – long distance

Melissa & her husband Jason are new to Team Howling Dog, although we have known Melissa since she was a junior musher. A few years ago she moved her Owl Creek Kennel from Nome, Alaska to Knik, Alaska. The majority of the dogs in the kennel were bred and raised by Melissa herself. We are very proud of the fact that the foundation of Melissa’s breeding program is based on several key dogs she purchased from our Howling Dog Kennel. There are about 50 dogs in Owl Creek Kennel including pups and three retired dogs. Melissa is signed up to run the 2016 Iditarod Sled Dog Race and prior to that both Melissa and Jason are planning on entering a couple of mid-distance races. Their overall goal for this winter is to get a happy and healthy team to Nome in the Iditarod. We are wishing you the best of luck, guys! 🙂

Follow Melissa and Jason on their Owl Creek Kennel Facebook page.

Melissa’s and Jason’s harness of choice is our Tough Skin Harness ULTRA.



Amanda VogelAMANDA VOGEL (Minnesota) – middle distance

Amanda is the owner and operator of Snomad Racing and she is one of the top competitors in mid-distance racing in the Lower 48. Her ultimate goal every year is to compete in the 400 mile long John Beargrease Marathon. Besides sled dog racing Amanda has built a successful career modeling for Duluth Trading Company. She also travels for exhibitions and speaking engagements and works on TV and film projects. Amanda loves to raise puppies and she is always up for fun with friends.

Follow Amanda’s advenures on Snomad Racing Facebook page.

Amanda has been using both our Light Weight Harness and our Distance Harness.




KatiTodmoos2015KATI & MARTIN DAGENAIS (Quebec) – sprint

Kati and Martin are the owners of one of the fastest sprint dog kennels in North America. Their breeding program is based mainly on top dogs they imported from Europe. Kati & Martin specialize in racing the 8-dog and 6-dog class. Last winter they traveled to compete in the 2015 IFSS World Championship in Todmoos, Germany. Their plans for this winter include racing in Quebec (Canada), driving to the midwest to race in Kalkaska and possibly even traveling to Europe again, to Scandinavia, to race in the European Championship.

Visit Dagenais Racing Sled Dogs Facebook page.

The harness of choice for Kati and Martin’s top canine athletes is our Light Weight Harness.



RICH KISSELOFF (Illinois) – skijoring & bikejoring

Rich is an exceptional athlete, a successful skijorer and a dryland racer.  The highlight of his racing career was representing the United States in the IFSS World Championship in Germany last winter. This fall he is getting ready to represent our country again, this time in the Dryland IFSS World Championship in Bristol, Canada. After that he will be competing with his dogs Ovi and Pasha in several skijoring races throughout the midwest. Rich is the founder of Windy City Mushers, a sled dog club based out of Chicago.

Visit Windy City Mushers Facebook page.

Rich uses our Second Skin Harnesses on his shorthaired canine racers.



DallasWC2015DALLAS JOHNSON (Minnesota) – skijoring

Dallas is an accomplished cross country skier. He got involved in competitive skijoring a few years ago after he introduced an Eurohound pup to his home. Comet, a female bred in Howling Dog Kennel, turned out to be a perfect match for Dallas. They both are very fast, athletic and driven. Dallas has a couple of successful mid-western skijoring seasons under his belt, including a few victories. He and Comet also competed in the IFSS World Championship in Germany last winter (representing the United States). Dallas has been doing an outstanding job promoting skijoring in the Twin Cities area. Besides his passion for skiing and skijoring, Dallas is also an avid sailor.

Become a fan of Dallas and Comet and follow their success on Comet’s Facebook page.

Dallas uses our Second Skin Harnesses on Comet.


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