Announcing the winners of our 2020 Photo Contest


Photo submitted by Ed Boon (United States).  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Ed and his dog Aska are avid hikers and veterans of our Photo Contest. Aska steadily rose to the top as the fans rallied. This winning photo received a record number of 209 votes! 


Photo submitted by Meg Johnson (United States). 

Rolf, and her mom Meg love the outdoors. Whether it comes to hiking or sledding they are active 12 months a year. Rolf is a stunning girl, always ready to pose for a picture. This photo received a respectable 176 votes.


Photo submitted by Michelle Brigman (United States).

This Americana themed photo was right at the top for a long time, until Aska and Rolf moved up from behind. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of this handsome malamute. In any case, he/she will be receiving more Howling Dog Alaska gear. This photo received 154 votes.


Photo submitted by Brianna Byrnes (United States).

Brianna’s awesome canicross photo received 130 votes.

View complete vote tallies HERE.

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