Return Shipping

We understand that shopping online can be tricky and that on occasion a harness must be tried on first in order to select the correct size. Or perhaps the dog is “oddly shaped” and a harness needs to be exchanged for a different size. Or perhaps the customer makes a mistake and orders the wrong size of a harness. It happens!

That’s why we have a convenient exchange policy in place! 😊

On occasion, we come across a customer, who is not satisfied with our exchange policy due to the cost of return shipping. It is up to you, the customer, to cover the cost of the return shipping (and our labor associated with the process). There is a flat fee for a harness exchange that is the responsibility of the customer. Please, understand why we have this policy in place:

  1. We are a relatively small company and we can’t afford to subsidize shipping costs.
  2. All exchanges are shipped by Priority Mail (insured).
  3. Unlike some “big name” companies out there, we keep our products prices low and affordable. We do not mark up our equipment by hundreds of percent to justify free exchanges/free return shipping. This keeps the prices of our gear affordable for everybody!
  4. We try to be flexible and work with you, the customer, to select the best fitting harness style/size.

Thank you for your understanding.

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